Medicare Supplement Plan C

There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans that offer additional coverage not included in the original Medicare supplement. Medigap Plan C is one of them. However, it is important to know that Medicare Part C and Plan C are two completely different entities that bear no relation to each other. On one hand, Medicare Part C is the Medicare Advantage Plan. On the other hand, Plan C is a supplement policy. In order to enroll in a Medigap Plan C policy, you must first be the beneficiary of an Original Medicare Part A and Part B.

Medigap Plan C Enrollment

Combining the Medicare Supplement Plan C with your Medicare Part A and B should provide you some ample medical coverage depending on your medical needs. Once you turn 65 and enroll yourself in an original Medicare Policy, you get 6 months during which you should choose Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that work best for you. This period is the Open Enrollment Period and it is the time during which you can either be denied coverage or charged more because of pre-existing medical conditions.

Medigap Plan C Benefits

The benefits that can be experienced under the Medigap Plan C coverage include

  1. Hospital costs and coinsurance for Medicare Part A for up to 365 days after exhaustion of original Medicare
  2. Deductible costs for Medicare Part A
  3. Hospice care coinsurance or copayments for Medicare Part A
  4. Fist 3 pints of blood
  5. Copayment or coinsurance for Medicare Part B
  6. Deductible costs for Medicare part B
  7. Coinsurance for care under a skilled nursing facility
  8. Coinsurance for Medicare Part B preventative care
  9. Emergency foreign travel cover up to the limits of your plan

Medigap Plan C vs Medigap Plan F

These two Medicare Supplement Plans are almost similar. The only thing that distinguishes Plan C from Plan F is that Medigap Plan C does not cover Medicare Part B excessive charges. These are doctor’s charges that exceed your original Medicare Plan B allocation. However, almost everything else is the same for these two plans.


In terms of costs, Medigap Plan C and Plan F are almost similar. However, because of the fact that it does not cover excess Medicare Part B charges, Medigap Plan C is always the cheaper of the two. There are states where it is illegal for doctors to charge excess fees so Plan C and F will serve the exact same purpose and offer the exact same benefits. In places like these, Medigap Plan C becomes the slightly cheaper alternative.

Medigap Part C offers quite the collection of benefits, ranking second only to Medicare Part F. however, it may not be present in all states. If you are looking to get yourself a Medigap Plan C, then it is always advisable to shop around for a company that offers it. In many instances, companies that offer Medigap Plan A will always offer Medicare Supplement Plans C and F as well. Find which one offers the cheapest alternative with the best pricing methodologies and get yourself a cover.